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DM96-E4 Medidor digital multifunción Pantalla LED

Información básica

Modelo: DM96-E4 Multi-function Digital Meter

Descripción del producto

Especificaciones Medidor digital multifunción
1.Highquality, el mejor precio.
2.RS485 cmmunication
Fase 3.Single 96 * 96m m
4.CE, ISOcertificación

Medidor Digital Multifunción



SCD 912E series multifunctional network instrument can measure more than 50 electrical quantity parameters in the electrical systems. It has 2 channelectric energy pulse outputs, 4-channel switching value inputs and RS485 communication output. And it can be added 4-channelectric energy pulse outputs or 4channel transmitting outputs.

Technical parameter:



Model Product name Panel size(mm) Fixing size Packing (PCS/CT)
DM96-EY Single phase digital
DM96-E multifunctional meter 96*96mm 91*91mm 36

 Input  network 3phase3wire, 3phase 4wire
 voltage  Rated voltage  AC57.5,100,220 OR380V

 Over load  consistaent:1.2times,instantaneous:2times/30S
 current  rated value  AC 1A or 5A

 over load consistaent:1.2times,instantaneous:20times/30S
 45-65Hz  output  electric energy  output mode  2-channel open -collector optical coupling pulse output 
 communication  output mode  RS485


 baud rate  1200,2400,4800,9600
 analog quality channel quantity 4 channels 

 output mode  0-20mA,4-20mA programmable 
 switching vaule  channel quantity  4 channels 

 output mode  normally open relay contact output 

 contact capability  AC240/1A
 switching value input 
 4-channel passive dry contact input mode 
 display mode
 LED display measuring 
accuracy  frequency 
 0.1Hz power supply  scope 

Terminal arranement and wiring connection:


Power: Auxiliary power supply port, the auxiliary power is AC/DC85-264V
I input: A, B, C current signal input port, and I*is current input terminal, I is current output terminal.
Please ensure that the phase sequence, polarity and terminal of input signals are a one -to-one relationship, if not it may cause error value.
U input: A, B, C, N voltage signal input port.
OUT1-OUT4: 4-channel alarm or 4-channel tranmitting output port, and the alarm is relay normally open contact output.
DI input: Switching value signal inout, the inout mode is passive contact, COM is common port, DI10DI4 are input ports.
Imp out: Active and reactive electric energy pulse output.





























Información de la empresa

Información de la empresa:

Company name: Wenzhou New Shangcheng Meter Technology CO.,Ltd
Main products  Digital meter, analog panel meter, digital panel meter ,digital temperature meter 
Address: East village,Liushi Town,Yue Qing City,Zhejiang Province,China 
Office phone.No.: 86-577-27816011
Fax. NO.:  86-577-27816016
Contact person: Daisy Huang, 86-13706775831
Website:   chinameter.en.ailbaba.com 
Team Production team:60. QC team: 5

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